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So, how much have you sacrificed recently?

Welcome to the world of give and take. Nobody to blame ,as we live in a world where newton has found his third law from mere experience.
Can anyone define true sacrifice? What is it that you feel when you have made one?
Apart from gods and angels, moms and dads, have you ever met one man who is ready to give up something for the ignorant and competitively selfish people's sake?
But then again, welcome to the century where goons and bandits make the law.
Welcome to the world where your eyes are laid on things that benefit nothing but YOURSELF!
If one could just stand back and take a good look at the whole picture, we dont need a preacher to tell us how long this world would last as a whole.
Think about it. And start small with giving people apart from your own a thought. Trust me , if ur thought led deed benefits someone today this process will follow a circular chain to do you good someday!