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Skinny guy weight training advice

My fellow skinny winnies who cant get the attention they deserve due to the world's  prejudices. Missed a chance with that queen due to mere bulklessness? Heres the raw tips:1. Find a protien drink,  be it whey or milk protien, and take it with you to occaionally sip it a la gym.2. Lift VERY heavy weights,  and dont perform a lot of reps like those ordinary guys do. Cause you need to achieve a lot in min time. As you have limited energy and high metabolic rates.
Eg: if you were to perform bicep curls,  lift the weights that heavy enuf,  lift maybe 5 times? 3 reps? Thats totally upto your comfort. But mind you,  keep the form of the excercise right.3.Do not spend your energy on cardio excercises. You have no fat to burn. It is the protien that you may be compromising.4. Take a nap after workout sessions, works fer me. ;)5. Hog in small amounts,  whenever u can!6. Believe!Give yourself a month. And see it for yourself....