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She loves me she loves me not : god level

After 8 years of torendous confessions of an ripped open heart for one girl who i ever truely felt for, she said yes one fine post new year evening. I was baffled at this level of socery where as a new year wish i did hope and pray for love.But this!! This is a badass i exist you bitch kind of a total knockout blown right at my guts by the almighty.And i am a believer now. You can't help it. This is like being in a parallel dimension where i shake hands with my mirror.All hugs and kisses apart, problems continue to persist in levels which defeat the purpose of this victory. This is going to be a bitch of a long distance relationship. Add that with the strict indian society and you have been served the diner of a lifetime.Either ways, i feel much better about the exchange of my world's axis from some imaginary shit to her fingertips. Trust me she is my elixir but i would never reveal that to her. Life's good. And i hope it stays that way...